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  1. It seems like everyone is looking for the most eco-friendly solutions available today. Whether it's indoor lighting or outdoor decorations, people want to make sure that they're not wasting valuable energy or creating a difficult situation where there's more hassle than there needs to be. When it comes to solar powered water fountains, there are plenty of benefits for the environment and for you, too. First of all, you won't be tripping over cords and trying to deal with hard-wiring a system outside. Secondly, you can have a bigger selection of placement and styles.
    For the environment, solar powered water fountains are ideal. They won't use electricity and they will run off of the power of the sunlight that they collect. They also provide a place for birds and other creatures who need water for various things. These decorative pieces make a great addition to any backyard space and when you choose solar power, you are definitely making a wise choice. There are different sizes and styles of fountains to choose from, as well as different sizes of panels that you can buy to run the fountains.
    Make sure that you look at all of the panel styles and fountains to see what they can do. You want one that isn't too obtrusive, but that stores and gathers enough power to offer continuous operation. Make sure that you have a place where your fountain or at least the solar panel can be directly in the sunlight for as much of the day as possible. Placement is everything with solar power and not doing it right is going to mean that your fountain doesn't work the way that it should. If you choose a model with a separate panel, it might be easier or give you a better opportunity to get the flexibility that you deserve.
    Eco-friendly garden decorations are more popular than ever. Solar powered water fountains aren't very mainstream yet but they are gaining popularity very quickly. People love being able to decorate their backyard with something that looks great and helps the environment. In fact, people love anything that does more than one thing for them. If you are in the market for a new decoration or even already know that you want a fountain, this might be just what you need. Check it out for yourself and see what styles you can find when you shop online. 
  2. Decorative water fountains are a great way to spruce up any living space. When people are attempting to renovate their back yard or try to come up with a new design feature, it can be hard to figure out where to go. Outdoor living is never easy when you want more than grass and concrete. It takes time and practice, and a little bit of creativity. If you are looking for water fountains for your yard, you can guarantee that they will add the perfect touch. Just take the time to explore your options and find the ones that you like best.
    Online retailers make it easy for you to find decorative water fountains. They have a huge selection that you probably can't find in any particular store or another, and they will be able to give you the best prices that you will find anywhere. The internet makes everything cheaper because here are fewer costs associated with operating online and that lets stores sell their products for a lot less than you might expect. Even if you think you have an impossibly small budget to work with, you might be surprised at just what you can afford online.
    Take the time to think about styles that you like. If you start by getting rid of anything that you can't afford, it will be much easier for you to narrow things down. Then, you can get rid of the styles that don’t suit your tastes. That will leave you with fewer options to choose from and give you the perfect selection so that you can spruce up your outdoor living space. If you shop around to see what's out there, you can find top-quality outdoor fountains in all shapes and sizes for a lot less than you imagined.
    Decorative water fountains will give your backyard a whole new look and you don't have to spend a lot to do it. Plus, even though these items are usually large, the shipping costs are typically minimal. That means that you no longer have to deal with paying for delivery or hauling it home yourself. The online retailers like to work with their customers to give them the best deals possible. If you're looking to renovate and be a little eco-conscious at the same time, you can even find solar powered fountains that will make your yard look better than ever without a lot of installation effort or energy use. 
  3. Feng Shui is the ancient art that comes from China and focuses on placement. It's all about having the right energy in the right places and making sure that a room can flow properly to create the perfect combination of Yin and Yang, or good and bad. It's important to have practice or knowledge in these areas so that you can create the best Feng Shui water fountain look in your own yard to help get more positive energy, serenity, and relaxation. Water fountains are popular among the Chinese because of their feng shui elements.
    When you choose a feng shui water fountain for your backyard, you are going to find all kinds of benefits. Not only will this add peace to your yard and good energy, but it will add a decorative touch and give you something that's fun to look at. The materials of the fountain are important to the feng shui of the design and placement, and it's important that you follow the rules to get the best results. A lot of people think that it's just about putting certain items in certain places, but it's important to make sure those items contain the right elements.
    For example, metal fountains are said to be the best for this use. The metal is supposed to help trigger good energy, according to most experts. Water in your feng shui water fountain should always be moving. The cascading or continuous stream offers sound and movement at once, which is why it is one of the most popular and effective tools used in this art. You can't just buy a fountain and put it out there. You have to figure out where it needs to go based on the ancient art of placement and discover how the fountain can help you.
    Feng shui water fountain designs are plentiful and it shouldn’t be hard for you to find the ones that you like best. Just remember that it's a very detailed art and that you have to learn the ropes before you can just start putting things in different places around your home and expecting results. This can harmonize your yard and give you so much more to enjoy, but only if you do it right. Make sure that you take the time to check out all of the available fountains and find the ones that have that feng shui element and that suit your tastes. 
  4. Backyard water fountains are a popular choice these days. More people are looking for ways to decorate their garden or yard with items instead of just having grass or plants. Water fountains come in all shapes and sizes, and are usually made of stone or a similar material. This means that everyone can get the perfect style for their own home and find the size that fits, too. Fountains can offer a place for birds to hang out, or it can be a feature that just adds a relaxing touch to your backyard.
    When you are looking for the best backyard water fountains, you don't have to look far. There are plenty of different styles to choose from when you shop online. There are even models now that operate on solar power so that you don’t have to run a cord out to the garden or yard, or deal with the hassles of hard-wired installation. It's all about finding what you like best, but the ones that are stylish and functional are definitely good to have on your list.
    Water fountains can even be custom made in some situations, although you can find enough selection today that it isn't usually a necessity to have. The internet has a full selection to give everyone something unique, no matter their budget. You can find a grand stone fountain that will definitely make a statement, or if you are shopping for something more affordable you can find small styles that just add a fun touch. It's going to be important for you to get everything that you want out of this purchase so make sure that you think about what you want, what works in your yard, and how much you have to spend.
    It doesn't matter what your intentions are because adding backyard water fountains can make a big impact. If your backyard needs some sprucing up and you're trying to find a new way to make a statement, this might be just what you need. Fountains aren't a lot of work or an expensive choice, and they definitely look great. Make sure that you take advantage of these great fixtures and consider them for your backyard renovation. There's a style for everyone and it's an easy way to make a big change without a lot of money or effort. Plus, it can offer a sense of serenity in your outdoor living space. 
  5.  Solar Water Fountains For Gardens

    If you are looking for a way to keep your garden attractive and dynamic, purchasing a water fountain may be a viable option.  Water fountains will stand out when placed in the garden, giving the backyard a relaxing vibe.  After a long day at work, you can come into the backyard and be treated to a comfortable environment. 

    Solar water fountains are ideal because they can keep water going by using electric panels.  These panels will run off sunlight, so when there is an abundant source of light, the water fountains will be able to work properly.  Absolutely no wire or battery will be required to run this fountain, which is ideal because it allows you to conserve money.  These fountains will look great when placed in the garden, and it will give it a more dynamic look.     

    A cobblestone ring design is perfect for these solar fountains because it gives them an authentic nature look.  On the top, there are usually animal statures, where the water flows into the fountain.  An electric pump will allow the water to continue running through this fountain, giving you a sense of peace when walking around the garden. 

    The best part about solar powered water fountains is that they can run off sunlight or an electric plug.  The electric plug can be used for when there is overcast or it’s late at night.  Whatever time of day it is, these fountains will be able to continually run for hours and hours.  A lot of these fountains are easy to setup, so you don’t have to expend a lot of energy when setting them up for the first time. 

    If the fountain is going to be made out of stone, then it’s helpful that the stone is weatherproof.  This ensures that the fountain will last over the years, and will not break down if it’s exposed to things like wind or rain.  Solar powered water fountains are completely environmentally safe, so you can rest assured that no toxins are emitted from these fountains.  They also don’t make a lot of noise, keeping the backyard a peaceful place to visit.

    By installing these fountains in your backyard near the garden area, you will create a relaxing oasis.  These fountains are very easy to setup, and they can keep water trickling thanks to the solar panels.  Styling up the garden has never been easier thanks to these solar fountains.
  6. Small Indoor Water Fountains

    Having a stylish house is important, especially if you regularly have guests or friends over.  You may want to impress them, which is possible with small indoor water fountains.  These fountains can be installed in your home, giving any room they are placed in a distinct look.

    Fountains that hang up on the wall are ideal because they allow you to conserve space on the house.  You will have more space in the rooms they are placed in, which is helpful if they are smaller rooms.  When installing the fountains on the wall, it’s important that they are setup correctly.  This ensures that they will not fall off and possibly fall off onto the floor.  It’s also helpful that the fountains are level, so they can work properly. 

    A lot of indoor water fountains feature intricate designs, making them great center pieces for any home.  A step design allows water to run from one step to the next until it reaches the bottom of the water tray.  As the water runs down each step, you will feel a sense of relaxation and comfort, which may be needed after a long day at work.  An electric pump is included with these fountains, so the water will be able to pump right back up to the top of the fountain.  This ensures that the water will never stop running, allowing you to relax for hours and hours.

    If you are concerned with the noise levels of these indoor fountains, then you can make sure that the fountains are quite.  Water will run down these fountains, and you won’t have to be disturbed when trying to sleep at night.  There may be roommates in the house trying to sleep, and they will not be disturbed even if the fountain is going all night.
    A lot of these indoor fountains feature different rocks in their design, which makes the fountain look even more elegant.  The water will be able to trickle down the rocks, creating an authentic waterfall experience in your very own home. 

    To ensure that these fountains last, you can get warranties with them.  Even if the fountains start working in terms of pumping water, you can easily get them repaired without having to pay any money at all.  By having these water fountains in the house, you will be able to create a peaceful atmosphere for the room that they are placed in.  The sounds of trickling water will soothe your stress even on your worst day. 
  7. Outdoor Wall Water Fountains

    If you are looking for a novel way to make the backyard more stylish, then purchasing water fountains is a viable option.  Water fountains will create a relaxing environment for you to be surrounded in, which may be needed after a taxing day.

    Outdoor wall water fountains are ideal because they can be hung up on the wall, allowing you to conserve space.  This is especially important if you don’t have the biggest backyard in the world.  When setting up these fountains for the first time, you sure make sure it’s properly anchored to the wall.  This is possible with mounting systems, which are easy to setup.  Also, you can certify that it’s level, so that the water doesn’t drip out of the fountain. 

    A lot of wall water fountains have rocks on them, which give the fountain an elegant look.  As the water trickles down the fountain over all of the rocks, you will feel like you are in a peaceful oasis.  No longer will you have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders because you will have your own sanctuary. 

    To make these wall water fountains even more stylish, you can purchase ones that have LED lights featured around them.  These lights will make the fountains stand out during the night, which may be important if you are having social gatherings in the backyard at night.  Different colored LED lights will give any fountain an attractive appeal.  The lights give the wall fountain a contemporary look, which is perfect if you are looking to update your backyard. 

    Purchasing a water fountain that has a lightweight design will make it easy to setup on the wall.  Since they won’t weigh a lot, you won’t have to worry about the fountain falling off the wall because it will be properly anchored.  A submersible pump is often included with these fountains, keeping water flowing from the bottom of the fountain to the top.  To ensure that these fountains hold up over the years, you can place them inside.  This prevents the fountain from cracking due to the weather elements. 

    Installing wall water fountains will give your backyard a district look, where you will be able to relax and simply enjoy being outside.  The setup process for these fountains is very easy, saving you time and stress.  Even more, you will have access to a manual in case the fountains are not working correctly. 
  8. Backyard Water Fountains

    Keeping a backyard stylish is important because this gives you a relaxing place to come home to.  Your day may have been stressful, so it’s ideal to have the right decorations in order to relieve tension.  One item that will make your backyard a peaceful oasis is a water fountains.  These fountains will offer a trickling sound, giving you peace when it’s needed the most. 

    A popular type of water fountain for your backyard is a solar powered one.  These fountains have solar panels that will keep the fountain running, as they use the sunlight for energy.  When it’s sunny outside, these fountains will work for hours and hours, so the backyard will always be a soothing place to come home to.  They also come in many different shapes and sizes, which allow you to tap into your creative side. 

    Solar water fountains are fully self-contained, and an additional reservoir is not needed at all.  The water will be able to trickle down the fountain and then move right back up thanks to a pump.  Different sized solar panels can be purchased, depending on how much power you want for the water fountain. 

    Electric water fountains are also ideal because there may not be enough sunlight to keep the fountain going.  If this is the case, electric fountains can be used, which keeps the water running from the top of the fountain to the bottom.  These fountains do not make a lot of noise, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone at all.  They are also perfectly safe for the environment, as no toxic chemicals will be emitted from the fountain.

    A popular type of fountain is a wishing well design.  This type of fountain allows you to throw change in while making a wish at the same time.  If you have children at your home, they will love this type of fountain because it gives them a chance to make their own wishes in the backyard.  Wishing well fountains that have a rock design are ideal because they present an earthy and natural look.

    By putting fountains in the backyard, you will have a relaxing place to come home to every day.  No matter how much stress has accumulated over the day, coming home to your backyard will take all of the weight off your shoulders thanks to water fountains.  You can even purchase warranties for them to ensure that last over the years. 
  9. The Beauty And Essence Of Water

    What is a water feature?  Simply stated, it is a water structure utilizing water in a way that makes it pleasing to the human eye.  Examples of water features include fountains and waterfalls. Quite frankly, anything that you display which incorporates the element of water can be considered a water feature.  It is the job of the landscaper or architect to capture a client’s vision for creating an exquisite water feature.  Water makes a great focal point for many reasons.   
    Water features evoke our primal response to water.  As humans, we are compulsively drawn to water for so many reasons.  Water features are animated, as well, as they display continuous movement. They also catch light.  There’s nothing like the vision of sparkling water beneath the sun’s light.  Another reason why people love water features is that they sound appealing.  From the trickle of a small stream to the roar of a waterfall, the sound of water mesmerizes humans.  The most important reason why water makes the best focal point is its sheer beauty.  Water features are works of art that transcend time and space.  If it wasn’t for their wow factor, then droves of homeowners would not be spending thousands of dollars on their creation.
    Indoor pools are perhaps the most popular water feature in many homes.  It becomes a feature when its shape is carefully incorporated into the architectural design of the room it inhabits.  Indoor pools may be very basic or extremely elaborate.  It depends on the individual tastes of the homeowner.  Pool water features allow you to interact with the water.  For instance, it provides a gathering place.  When special lighting is added to the mix, then the water seems to take on a life of its own.  Beautifully illuminated at dusk, the pool will become an indoor oasis.
    The art of creating a water feature is no longer simply a dream.  New products have made their way to the market that has made the construction process far easier than it had been before.  Even the most inexperienced visionary is capable of designing a beautiful water feature for the home.  All it takes is a little bit of creativity and a lot of patience.  Before you know it, you will have a unique, peaceful place to go for relaxation.  The soothing sound of falling water and the natural beauty of stone and flowering plants is a welcome element in any home. 
  10. The Best Garden In The Solar System Is In Your Backyard

    When it comes to creating tranquil gardens, many landscapers are now turning to the option of solar power.  Especially nowadays when everyone wants to be environmentally friendly, solar power makes living “green” possible.  It’s a fast-growing area and you can easily find solar-powered fountain pumps, fountains, and garden lighting at stores near you.  Solar power has allowed landscape architects to be much more creative when it comes to designing water features. Now you can have a fountain anywhere you like without unsightly wiring destroying the beauty of the space.  Furthermore, the fountain does not have to be within plugging-in distance to a power supply.  Convenience and beauty is what you can have with modern solar powered fountains. 
    Solar power offers the following additional benefits:
    • No electricity bill
    • Location choice is endless
    • No water waste
    How does a solar powered fountain operate?  It’s a simple process, really.  Attached to a pump by a cord, the solar panels can be placed anywhere near the fountain.   Try to place the panels closely to direct sunlight to optimize this process. They literally store the sun’s heat energy to be used later.  This heat is then converted to energy to make the pump functional.  The most exciting feature of solar-powered garden items is that they can be placed anywhere in the yard.
    Obviously, there will be days that are not quite as sun-filled as others.  How does the fountain operate without a sufficient supply of sunlight?  Quite frankly, it won’t function at all eventually.  For this reason, it would behoove the home owner to purchase an optional electrical plug to handle those overcast days.  Remember, however, in this instance you will need an outlet to plug in the adapter.  Just make sure the cord is long enough to reach the necessary distance and you will be prepared in advance. 
    Solar lights are great if you want a romantic glow by a garden seat or down in your gazebo. It looks so welcoming when you get back from a long day at work when the sun begins to set. You can also get small lights to mark the way down your garden path or, in winter, to draw attention to steps that might otherwise be a hazard. Embedded in these lights is a small solar panel.  The light panels take in energy from the sun throughout the day, and then automatically turn on in the dark. 
  11. Creating An Oasis In Your Backyard

    When you think about installing a fountain in the privacy of your own backyard, you probably think that an expert is needed.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Sure, if you plan on installing the most elaborate fountain in the world then maybe a professional is in order. Generally speaking, the average Joe is capable of installing a water fountain.  Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions and before you know it, you will be the proud owner of a bubbly water oasis in the middle of your yard.

    There are a few basic facts that you need to know first.  Fountains need electricity to run a pump that is usually concealed in the lower water-collection bowl. It pumps water up through a concealed tube to the top of the fountain, where it cascades or bubbles out. The water keeps recirculating. Some of the water will evaporate, especially on hot summer days, so just periodically add water. Don't worry about using lots of electricity. Just run the pump when you want to enjoy the fountain.  Most installers will tell you not to run the fountain continuously because it’s hard on the pump.  Besides, if the water evaporates and the pump is still running, it may burn out.  That’s the last thing you need.
    Once you understand the basics of operating a water fountain, you can move on to the really difficult task-choosing your water fountain.  There are so many possibilities nowadays.  You can find different styles at a retailer near you or you may wish to shop online.  Either way, make sure you do your homework.  Fountains are made of cast concrete, dyed concrete, fiberglass mixtures, cast aluminum, or hand-cut stone.  When choosing your fountain, don’t rely on just the material to make the decision.  You also want to choose one based on its spray capacity.  That is, do you want a small trickle of water cascading down the sides, or do you prefer the roar of a waterfall? 
    One of the attractions of a fountain is the sound of falling water.  People are mesmerized by water.  Every fountain has a unique sound based on the way the water runs.  Water makes a distinct sound when it comes in contact with the fountain and then another when it runs into the rest of the water below.  Truly a wonderful addition to any yard or garden, water fountains will provide hours of relaxation.   
  12. Create A Grand Entrance With An Indoor Wall Fountain

    Rooted in the gardens of the Middle East, outdoor wall fountains were popular where a lack of water made its usage highly attractive.  Due to the climate, water was scarce.  Ultimately, this style of water feature not only provided the household with a source of water but also added a touch of elegance.  Fast forward to today’s culture, where wall fountains are gaining in popularity.  No longer necessary to provide a source of water in the home, modern day wall fountains are strictly for viewing pleasure. 
    This design trend is more commonly found in public structures, such as malls and government buildings.  In the past, people were sometimes wary of installing such an elaborate feature in their luxury homes.  Concerns about possible leaks and water damage were not far from their minds.  Today’s indoor wall fountains, on the other hand, are typically self-contained and water tight.  The threat of waking up in the middle of the night to a cascading waterfall in the middle of the living room is all but gone.  Indoor wall fountains can be placed in any room of the home. Oftentimes, homeowners install them in the foyer as it offers a dramatic entrance for guests.
    This type of fountain requires a very different setup strategy than its outdoor counterparts.  They require no foundation, but instead hang on a vertical surface.  This fact may create installation nightmares.  An experienced architect will be able to steer clear of any obstacles, though.  One important factor to consider when installing a wall fountain is the total weight when filled with water.  The wall must be structurally intact and well anchored, for obvious reasons.  Another point to keep in mind is that the cord will protrude from the back panel.  You will have to drill a hole in the wall to hide this feature.  This is easily accomplished and should not deter the homeowner from choosing to install a wall fountain in the home.
    There is no limit to the styles available.  The possibilities are endless.  You may consider installing an outdoor wall fountain.  You can place one of these virtually anywhere, such as an expansive landscape, a small urban backyard, or even on a balcony.  Backyard wall fountains create an oasis of serenity.  They may serve as an escape from the stress of daily life.  Water naturally soothes the soul.  The sound of trickling water creates a magical environment and will add tranquility to any outdoor living space. 
  13. Feng Shui Indoor Fountains For Your Home

    Have you ever rearranged furniture in the hope of finding balance in a room?  Perhaps you are the kind of person that must find meaning in everything, including the way your indoor décor is arranged.  Achieving the right setup will encourage feelings of inner peace.  The Chinese call this feeling “Ch’i”.  According to the ancient art of Feng Shui, Ch'i is a Chinese term for the energy that surrounds and permeates everything and everyone.  Feng Shui literally translates to “wind and water”.  Its focus is to arrange living spaces to support what we want in our personal lives.  Feng Shui requires you to tap into your intuition, that little voice that tells you whether something feels right or not. Once you're in touch with your intuition, you can dig into the Feng Shui tool kit for remedies to correct a negative situation or further enhance a positive one.
    Enter the idea of Feng Shui in home décor.  General household items can be used as Feng Shui remedies, such as mirrors and plants.  Indoor fountains can also be used in this fashion.  One of today’s hottest home décor trends, indoor fountains are available in a plethora of designs.  It allows you to bring in a slice of the outdoors to the inside, even when winter’s fury is right outside your window. Indoor water fountains are one way of creating a little corner of tranquility in a great big noisy world.
    Indoor water fountains are available in so many different styles.  They are popping up in home decorating shops and specialty shops everywhere you look.  You can place them anywhere in the home, quite frankly.  A small one provides a soothing distraction on the kitchen windowsill when the hustle and bustle of preparing a meal for your family begins.  Many indoor water fountains are found in home offices, for Feng Shui purposes.  Oftentimes, people feel that it will provide a balance between work and personal life when placed on the desk or a file cabinet nearby.  The sound of trickling water cascading down a bed of rocks will no doubt be a focal point for relaxation during stressful moments during work.
    A fountain is made when water is forced under pressure through a narrow hole, either naturally or with the help of a pump. As it escapes through the exit, it spurts up into the air. Not only does the movement of the water create a sound that many consider to be calming, but it humidifies and cools the air.
  14. Make A Splash Indoors

    Designers agree that fountains reflect creativity and fluidity. It is a wonderful opportunity to bring decorative water fountains into the home. Some designers liken water fountains to artwork, noting the prominent role they have played in many cities worldwide. Both decorative and soothing with their pleasant sound of running water, indoor water fountains are gaining in popularity.   Be it a tabletop model, a wall hanging or a more sizable floor display, indoor water fountains are all the rage these days. And they come in all kinds of magnificent varieties to suit your personal needs.
    In a typical fountain, water runs over a landscape into a large bowl or stone trough that may sit atop a metal or wrought-iron stand.  It's like having an aquarium in the home. There's something so peaceful and soothing about hearing running water. It's an outdoor sort of piece that's come inside. It's so creative and clever.  You can bring water into your home in an endless variety of ways - from compact fountains and decorative pots, which incorporate pumps and water plants, to wall-hung mini-fountains on your balcony, terrace, deck or patio. You only have to consider a few basics bounded by your imagination, creativity, budget and regulations governing your dwelling (such as condominium bylaws).
    Apartment-dwellers have recently added themselves to the list of those that purchase decorative indoor fountains.  Far from any trace of green space, they attempt to bring a slice of the outdoors into their homes.  Green- and rust-colored bowls, often decorated with colorful stones and pebbles, are popular, as are fountains featuring pouncing cats, frolicking birds, and languid frogs. Spouting lion-faced wall- sconces and cherub-style pedestal fountains are being used more freely indoors to give a garden-feel to hallways and rooms.
    What more could you wish for after a long, stressful day at work?  Coming home to the soothing sound of water, together with its relaxing properties, will end the day in the most perfect way.  Indoor fountains are appealing to the eye and soothing to the soul.  Choose a style that incorporates lighting features to complete the look.  Imagine sitting in a dimly lit room surrounded by the sound of trickling water.  Comparable to a spa environment, your home will be an oasis and an escape from real life.  It will enhance the feel of any room and may even provide auditory stimulation if it includes a musical component.   
  15. Backyard Water Fountains Will Soothe The Soul

    Water features have become a standard element in gardens all across the nation.  There is a perfectly good explanation.  The sight and sound of moving water can be a catalyst for feelings of peace and serenity.  Why, then, haven’t we all moved alongside the ocean?  The flip side to that notion is to simply find creative ways to bring that moving water to you.  One way is to invest in a water garden in your very own backyard.  Water gardening brings a world of wonder and excitement to any backyard.  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, you will find that adding this feature to your landscape not only provides beauty but also will enhance the value of your home.
    Backyard water features provide a cool oasis in a hectic world, a place to retreat and reflect on the day’s events.  Imagine being able to walk out into your yard and stroll over to your water garden and feel the stress begin to fade away.  It is definitely worth the investment.  There are many choices when it comes to creating a backyard oasis.  Enlist the help of a professional to build a backyard pond, aquatic garden or fountain.  Water cascading down a fountain or lying still in a reflective pool is sure to soothe the spirit.  Water features can be as easy or complex as you wish.  It all depends on your personal taste.
    Even if you enjoy the simple, peaceful calm of an aquatic garden, in time you may wish to add a fountain to the yard.  So many options are available nowadays.  There are tiered basins, small statues, mushrooms, old-fashioned pots, and many other styles that all incorporate basic fountain functions.  Fountains may be strategically placed throughout your yard to create areas for silent reflection.  You may also wish to add them to an area complete with an array of flowers and flowering shrubs.  Add small benches to encourage visitors and you have created the perfect escape.
    Before choosing your fountain, be sure to locate a firm, level surface area.  Determine how much room you have for installation.  Water will be circulated through the fountain with a submersible pump, so there’s no need to worry about exposed, unsightly equipment.  Also, be sure to keep a garden hose within reach.  Maintenance will be required.  Frequent removal of debris and algae will be necessary in order to maintain your fountain’s beauty.