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Solar Powered Water Fountain

Solar Powered Water Fountain


No electrical cost

Prevents water waste

Location choices limitless

Numerous choices

No electrical supply

Maintenance free
Solar water fountain for gardens are truly the greatest way to make your garden or backyard a real true green space.  You can place your solar powered water fountain anywhere in your yard without the worry of a power source.   

The solar panels are connected by a cord to the pump and can be located anywhere around the fountain.  Place the panels in a spot where they will be able to collect the greatest amount of the sun’s rays.  The solar cells soak up the sun’s rays and store the heat to produce energy which then powers the solar powered water fountains pump.

Here are some great solar fountains to add to your backyard or garden.
Solar Water Fountains

Solar Water Fountains

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But not all days are sunny enough therefore the panels are unable to collect and store enough rays to power the pump.  After a few cloudy days your fountain will run out of the collected power and will stop trickling.  It is for this reason that there are some other options that not only have the solar panels but also have the electrical adapter:
- Wishing Well Solar Fountain
- Lighthouse Solar Fountain
With the electrical adapter this gives you the option to use an electric outlet allowing you to enjoy the sounds of your trickling water fountain even on those cloudy days.
Solar water fountain for gardens  come in all sizes and styles and are quite beneficial when you consider the cost savings and your location choices are limitless.
Benefits of solar powered water fountains
  • Cost savings:  No electrical cost
  • Preventing water waste: water is circulated over and over again
  • Location choices are limitless
  • There are numerous choices
  • No electrical supply needed
  • Virtually maintenance free
By the time you get home from work and you have  prepared your evening meal, gotten the kids bathed and put to bed it is dark and this might be the only time you can enjoy your water fountain.  If you were to add some solar lighting this can be a way to enhance your landscaping fountains.  Garden  features and flowers can also be enhanced this way.  Use the lights to illuminate your favorite solar water fountain making it the center attraction, add some more solar lights along pathways and in your garden.  With this solar lighting you can create the relaxing and tranquil atmosphere you so desire and deserve after a long day at work even after dark.  If you enjoy a garden and trickling water after dark it would be a good idea to add a fountain that has the dual power source so that you are able to run your fountain after the sun has gone down.